Making Up For Lost Time (Originally Untitled) – Written Thursday 9th February 2017 (Aged 41)

Making Up For Lost Time

i have been making up for lost time
since i last had a watch
i have been rushing with an idea
that in reality, i should just stop –
or perhaps just slow down
i have found countryside –
whilst going to town
the days, now far away from here
when experience was something new
and yet, failure so near
when i first nested my hopes
and found that views are never that clear

i have been adding up the sums in my maths
carrying hand luggage,
with such heavy bags
we are all in need of a role model
but that never folds on me
if i had,
just one more step
my bereavement would not be waiting –
just to collect
arresting my self esteem as its chief suspect
pummel the imagination
light this electric brain
left on my own, i am almost fine
just tell me all about it once again

James Garratt – Thursday 9th February 2017

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