The Weekend – Written Monday 6th November 2006 (Aged 31)

The Weekend

over the weekend
as we packed away our things
i found the things you said
tears left and laughter stayed
as i read once again,
the hurtful things you like to say
the hollow drip of stagnant hurt
it still remained,
i packed away more boxes
and tried not to dwell on the pain
i cleared up the garden,
and the rubbish attacked by foxes
i dwelt on the madness,
such sadness,
where rationality can clearly wait
the madness gathering speed
but with no one on the brake
over the weekend
we made coffee,
that we had purchased in the market
just me and her, the two of us
we talked about what had been done
and i read once again
the things you had said
i know why, i know why i had to let it go
and finally leave it rucked up in bed

James Garratt – Monday 6th November 2006

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