Boy or Girl – Written November 2006 (Aged 31)

Boy or Girl

labelled from birth
boy and girl
for what it is worth
why does there have to be a reason
for everything we do
the pressure can be intolerable
who dictates normality
what fool made all these rules
boys play with cars…
girls dance and play with dolls…
more labels
for their gender roles
forget individuality
do not fear illness
only the nature of their seuality
boy or girl

in a stereotype labelled world
why does there have to be reasons
why can’t we just be
oh, imagine a life
where from labels we are free
the prying eyes of the narrow minded
oh, i dream of this place
if only i could find it
boy or girl
labelled from birth
going through life
and you know, it really hurts

James Garratt – Wednesday 15th November 20006

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