Perplexion – Written Between February and June 1995 (Aged 20)


perplexed at that mess –
that you can make of things
realising that even –
the best made plans
can be ruined or broken
it leaves you standing –
and not sure where you want to stand
and instead of total understanding
you just do not understand
it is like being led in the dark
and the person letting go of your hand
perplexed at the state of affairs
concerned about the whereabouts –
of your sanity
wondering why some people –
tell you things
thinking, that does not mean much to me
but within time –
being perplexed goes away
and you can see what they mean
if only you could see it at the time
perhaps you would not go out of your mind
the best kept secrets are personal
the worst kept secrets
are the worst told lies
by the world’s worst spies –
there is often no satisfaction
just perplexion

James Garratt – February to June 1995

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