Front Row Seats – Written March 2009 (Aged 34)

Front Row Seats

i have made life complicated
on occasion,
it has veered slightly off course
but then if truth be told
i never had a course to plot
my life was always,
something of a eclectic joblot
it never had one goal
nor was it a slave to ambition
it was, unlikely, to come to fruition
but then that is fine,
take the cliche –
of good company and good wine
and believe it to be true
it starts to bind
and nothing else will ever do
this is who i am
i am not the scared child
forced to carry the blame
i am not the teenager in love
and feeling somewhat lame
i am not the young man
sweeping dreams down the drain
i am not the idealist dreamer
bowing down to something insane
i am a mass of contradictions
a lover with a fighter’s heart
a full time participant,
sitting in corners looking for bit parts
take me with you
you have the front row seats to my heart

James Garratt – March 2009

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