Servants – Written Monday 15th June 2009 (Aged 34)


no one would understand
how could you expect them to
when you are caught
on a truly personal view
i do not know right now –
which way to turn
i just continue to throw thoughts –
on the bonfire and watch them burn
you can try to make feelings
a servant of sense and logic
but they never obey
just as you can rarely tame them
that is why they steal your heart away
no one would understand
to be truthful,
i do not understand myself
sometimes it is all in slow motion
as if i am looking at somebody else
there are no excuses
not much more than reasons
with so many unknowns
i wish the insight,
would become insightful
sat here waiting for the coming storm
i wait, just so i can be delightful

James Garratt – Monday 15th June 2009

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