Throwing Pennies – Written Tuesday 9th April 2002 (Aged 27)

Throwing Pennies

we are tired of throwing pennies
into the wishing well
take me back to childhood bedtime
and stories that we tell
innocence was all mine
and i was just a child of course
innocence was fine
till we got a divorce
and i started living with experience
they introduced me to thinking
and i started thinking about life
how the world was living
then i decided experience was not enough
and i started to go with cynicism
but all along i missed the first one
i missed the innocence
and then i ended up on the bridge
throwing pennies over the railings
into the murky deep
and no one could hear my wailings
it was only during sleep
that i confronted my deepest failings

James Garratt – Tuesday 9th April 2002

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