Hitting Out – Written Sunday 7th September 2014 (Aged 34)

Hitting Out

there appears to be an idea
that you can say and do –
just what you like –
without any consequence
and when people say,
i do not care what anybody thinks
i just think, well lucky you
because ultimately, i do
it is not that i need their approval
but i do have to make my way –
through this world
and what other people think
is relevant,
even if it is not always important
and i am only human
so things can hurt and bother me
is that not human?
and how is it human not to care at all
it is not enough to say,
move on, deal with it,
there is a responsibility
tied in with all out actions
and moments of our behaviour
people appear too wrapped in themselves
stinging from some life pain
hitting out, hitting out, hitting out

James Garratt – Sunday 7th September 2014

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