Reminded of You – Written Monday 7th September 2009 (Aged 34)

Reminded of You

it’s the moments
the gut wrenching moments
it is just a film
it is just food
it is laughing together
but all of them,
remind me of you
and every one makes me sick
– in the pit of my stomach
you doubt, you question
but i know how i feel
i have never been more certain
but letting go is best
it hurts more than i can explain
in the cavity of my chest
and the tears are like rain
i wish i had worn a vest
you question your days
but you have no idea
this week has been strange
little more than a haze
there is nothing i can do
and you are the only person
who does not realise it is true
who does not see,
how i much i truly love you

James Garratt – Monday 7th September 2009

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