Cinematic Childhood – Written Sunday 30th October 1994 (Aged 19)

Cinematic Childhood

imagine going back
to watch yourself as a child
growing up, watch a while
see the clothes you wore
and your dimpled smile
do you remember your t-shirts
the ones,
you would rather forget
and the hair that look so awful
cut by your mum,
using the same bowl –
that she would use for sunday’s trifle
the one served,
after the roast beef
and i remember –
that i had two pairs of sandals,
red and blue
worn upon my growing feet
imagine watching all this again
all the laughter happiness and joy
all the fear, resentment and pain
imagine going back
to see all this again
would it not be so strange
mum sitting there, knitting my clothes
and asking for worldly advice
because it is mum and dad that always knows…
running the bath
so the water line is just below your toes
and dad fixing the toy that no longer goes
imagine going back, to watch it all again
so strange, so very strange
would the performances be that of wood
just go back and watch a cinematic childhood

James Garratt – Sunday 30th October 1994

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