Cast of Characters – Written Monday 17th August 2020 (Aged 45)

Cast of Characters

i am tired –
of playing a cast of characters
that do not mean much to me
being a social actor
does not mean much
there not even a decent fee
anyway, no one turns up,
to see the likes of me
not for free
what happens –
to the days that you now consider –
to be your best
the days of, indies, grunge
and dragons that drunk soup
because when the partner is in bed
you are onto facebook groups
that take you back
i am tired –
of this media circus
and the crass economic crash
if society is what we collectively bought
then we should ask for our money back
we have moved into a world
where we clearly do not want facts
but from me, there is no take me back
and a binge of nostalgia groups

James Garratt – Monday 17th August 2020

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