Empty Houses – Written Sunday 6th September 2020 (Aged 45)

Empty Houses

things upset you,
things that you do not expect
like empty houses,
the memories they collect
haunted by ghosts
and the knowledge of death
empty rooms,
long since disappeared breaths
rooms where events once occurred
acts as a purge
as memories overlay
those previous scenes
empty houses,
the ghosts of where people have been
quietness descends
and now, nothing is as it once seemed
rooms without furniture
possessions now removed
the person, well the person is gone
only memory can provide the view
death has changed us,
and altered this place,
their life has gone
and we can no longer see their face
empty rooms,
empty cupboards, wardrobes,
and then, the sound of closing doors
they leave me so completely upset
as death settles the final score

James Garratt – Sunday 6th September 2020

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