Fate Lines – Written Thursday 3rd September 2020 (Aged 45)

Fate Lines

we would have been close
in another timeline
it is funny,
how you become close to people
there are,
always people,
who instantly catch your eye
but much less,
those who find you and crawl inside
you never say much
but the comfort is there
in other lives,
and in a parallel universe
much more could be said
but whatever fate lines there are
that is how we are all lead
it does not stop me,
caring for you,
offering you comfort
and accepting comfort
it is good that in certain shared spaces
we can share our troubles
from our heavy cases
it is good that we just connect
life is always about these connections
it is just the fate lines
that ultimately dictate the direction

James Garratt – Thursday 3rd September 2020

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