Days of Acid Rain – Written Friday 23rd June 2017 (Aged 42)

Days of Acid Rain

they push against the door
so we push back
tradesman knock down the walls
and those who hate,
they never have the knack
i wonder what will happen –
when true stories become exposed
when people wake up –
and see beyond the end of their nose
or maybe, feel movement in their toes
i watch the television –
and see the news trying to explain –
a world in which we apparently live
but it loses its grain
it can no longer control the narrative
and, how much should we pay
each word comes with a new five pound note
and i have so much to say
they push against the door
so we push back
and dig our heels into the floor
our, ‘souls’, are ill defined
but our desire and our intentions
are well dined
i will not let this happen
whilst i am still alive in these days of acid rain
the ones that can corrode the inside
and leave you with a bellyful of pain
but never be afraid, do not run and hide

James Garratt – Friday 23rd June 2017

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