Was the World Ever Ours? – Written June 2017 (Aged 42)

Was the World Ever Ours?

was the world ever ours?
the young str told they are the future
but they spend their hours
doing other things
i never felt the world belonged to me
at some stage,
when i was twenty three
i was selling my thing
and trying to work out who i wanted to be
did i think i was the future
or just part of the past
how did i know,
when i was clinging to the present
and hoping it would last
was the world ever ours back then?
when the world was so different
yet in some ways, so much the same
when roads stretched out
and our future never had a name
i always felt,
that world belonged to others
and never me, displaced and misplaced
was my natural stance
you could find me in other places
picking up the cards marked chance
was the world ever ours?
are the young really our future?
that i do not know
i do know how time passes by so fast
and that notions of being young
are all too brief and never ever last

James Garratt – June 2017

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