Envy – Written September 2017 (Aged 42)


they did well
with the surface
no inward chat though
i envy them in one breath
but in the next –
so evaporates my regrets
i was never –
that kind of social actor
so in retrospect
it does not matter
it is a large gin and tonic
bottles of wine
it is body changing
life shaming, it will be fine
it is middle age
different chapter,
mellowed page
it is all about the children –
kind of phase
but not me,
not that anyone takes that blame
because blame is not the right word
just the way the wires crossed
how unrealistic fantasy
hopefully got lost
how made up reality
revealed its budget and final cost
they did well
as one of the bland and the faceless many
i caught myself, half heartedly
nursing a kind of eny

James Garratt – September 2017

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