The Year Thief – Written Monday 13th September 1999 (Aged 24)

The Year Thief

where have the years gone
there is a thief behind me
picking them up
just as i leave them behind
that thief,
they have taken a lot of years
but i have the memories
where have they taken them?
to the land i go to when i sleep
because i can find them in my dreams
and dreams are what i eat
it is a steady diet of the untouchable
where have the years gone
yesterday i was twenty
and last week i was only sixteen
and last month,
i am sure i was only nine
and life was still letting me dream
and even then, my cracked world seemed fine
as these years go by
the thief speeds up and appears to be faster
everso fast
and without question, an expert on their art
disposing so easily,
of my years, as they suddenly depart

James Garratt – Monday 13th September 1999

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