Happily Stolen – Written Monday 1th October 1999 (Aged 24)

Happily Stolen

well you have taken me
stolen me, some would say
but you cannot be stolen
if you never had any owner anyway
well i am yours for keeps
i am food for your dreams
company for the bed in which you sleep
look out of your windows today
tell me, what do you see
a world slowly moving
and almost unreal
well think of me as i think of you
and just how good does that feel?
well you have taken me
but i was nowhere in particular
stale landscapes, vaguely familiar
we may be different in culture
but in dreams we seem to paint so similar
seeing you makes a change from the vultures
well have me now,
for your own private collection
when i think of you
i know i would rather be nowhere else

James Garratt – Monday 11th October 1999

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