The Almost Dream – Written Between Tuesday 15th February 1994 and October 1994 (Aged 18/19)

The Almost Dream

no matter how hard i try
i cannot get you out of my mind
i am still trying,
i want to call you
i am on my own
but i know you
so i leave the phone
love and leave me
saying, you are only young
and you have got to be free
i know that is true,
but i am totally shut out
and that is what hurts me
not even being allowed to be a friend
what is your hang up?
you were the almost dream
for once, life came good
the unbelievable thing
but you were a teacher
and you taught me things
things i needed to know
but things i did not want to know
you stay with me
i can hang onto your thoughts
they bring me down
so all i can do is pause
i am going nowhere ow
nowhere, no event is coming into my mind
i know that it is no good
and no good is all that i will find

James Garratt – 1994

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