Wishing – Written Between Tuesday 15th February 1994 and October 1994 (Aged 18/19)


what have we got left
when everything around is collapsing
times are strange, really strange
if you are not, ‘craving dope’
then you are seeking change
and if you do smoke,
you are so high,
you do not care anyway
where is tomorrow?
has it had enough of today
the hand of destruction
crushes lives,
and it is only the super lucky –
who ever survive
crying tears for things we never knew
i am crying all my tears, just for you
what can you say that is best
you feel awkward,
i just do not know what to do
words are meaningless
for once i wish i could find some reality
what have we got left
nothing at all it seems
they have stole everything
including our dreams
help us, help me, help you
i am really going out of my mind
we have got to find something to
i am down on the whole thing
i wish i knew, i really wish

James Garratt – 1994

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