Dream Men – Written Sunday 23rd October 1994 (Aged 19)

Dream Men

when you fly tonight
remember, how as a child
how you used to see the dream men –
at the bottom of your bed
how they did not seem to live anywhere
but in your head,
taking you to your secret-land
do you remember,
watching your bedroom come alive
not knowing too much
at the age of five
but knowing such,
that this was magical and weird
travelling in that tunnel
to the end, to the dream men
who would take you,
and take you on to see all your friends
this was more than a dream
the people talked to you
they had lives of their own
they followed you in the daytime
some were angry,
some you could touch and feel
this was no ordinary dream
this was almost real
but you would never hear me scream
because every night i would be there
picking my dreams with the dream men

James Garratt – Sunday 23rd October 1994

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