Where Are They? – Written Friday 28th October 1994 (Aged 19)

Where Are They?

it does not seem to matter anymore
everyone has gone
and no one is painting the door
lucky lucy is on a magic quest
on alice’s chequered floor
listening to the news
getting so upset and getting the blues
thinking it is the end
i wore out my shoes
just looking for my best friend
i wrote a story
full of love and fear
i put the story down, after telling it to you
then i turned and i watched it disappear
learning so fast with new ideas
learning so fast
from the taste of overused tears
sometimes i wonder about it all
stealing the secrets
from the nimble fool
the one who lives in a dark corner
just beneath a stool
if all the people from the future
have built a time machine
and they have come back to this day
so where are they?

James Garratt – Friday 28th October 1994

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