That’s Who I Am – Written Saturday 26th November 1994 (Aged 19)

That's Who I Am

i fight for self respect
but i am just not a face
so respect, i never get
so i shoot my mouth off
and expose these people 
for what they are
these people turn me away 
because i am not always pleasant
and ready to give them -
the time of day
but that is not me 
i've had too much pain in my life
i have not had the norm 
and i am not quite right 
i am used to having to fight 
i am not a martyr 
i am not perfect
but some people are too keen
to judge on appearances
i am not a face, get off my case
look at who i really am 
do not be so shallow
and always try to understand
i am full of contradictions 
that is who i am  

James Garratt - Saturday 26th November 1994 

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