The Relationship Thing – Written Friday 6th August 2010 (Aged 35)

The Relationship Thing

i am not so good
at the relationship thing
whatever that thing is
the problem is –
that in my twenties
i needed to settle down
financially, emotionally,
and for my sanity
and it was exciting
it was amazing –
and building a life was superb
but fast forward to my thirties
an all that feels absurd
i am comfortable now
in the ways i never was then
my life is populated
and i do not need a trough
i have the stability
that once, i used to crave
i feel comfortable in my own skin
i do not feel like i need to be saved
so, the relationship is still a struggle
i give and i try
i try to enjoy the kisses and cuddles
but i am settled inside
and if someone should come along
and blow this poem apart
i would like to think –
i still have all the available heart
but the relationship thing
i do not feel it is compulsory –
for me to take part

James Garratt – Friday 6th August 2010

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