Party Games – Written Monday 15th October 2001 (Aged 26)

Party Games

some parents they –
play a game of blind mans bluff
but some children reach their twenties
and say, enough is enough
now is the time please –
to remove the blindfold
because i really need your touch

some parents they –
say please, do not peek
but when you reach your twenties
you are tired of playing hide and seek
looking for their acceptance
well it never reached any kind of peak
it has left you insecure
and feeling kind of weak

some parents they –
like to play pass the parcel
but when you realise the parcel is you
it brings tears to your eyes
step parents like dreams that are never true
and a kind of loneliness beyond –
any size that you can imagine
it is not much fun –
it is party games and a hefty challenge

James Garratt – Monday 15th October 2001

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