Obstacles – Written Saturday 17th April 1999 (Aged 24)


i never quite got over you
and now,
you are an obstacle in my life
no, i never really got over you
i tried too –
but when it come to it
i could not make it –
and i just stumbled forwards
it is true –
i stumbled and fell over you
that is why i never got over you
i fell over you, flat on my face
and you left, as quick as anyone could
leaving me in an empty place
i have been lying there ever since
just laying down on my side
with a half glazed look on my eyes
i never got over you
you were like a mountain
you were always in the way
and i never got over you
i just found you and stumbled over you
and then i fell down onto the floor
now you are just a memory
one which comes out at night
in strange dreams that stay with me at night

James Garratt – Saturday 17th April 1999

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    1. Thank you. I was riffing on the idea of not getting over someone in all senses. It was my younger days and I was trying to push my writing in different directions and learn. I love the meanings of words and how they change. Thank you, hope you are looking after yourself and keeping safe. 🙂


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