Seven Hours – Written Wednesday 19th May 1999 (Aged 24)

Seven Hours 

you have got to have dreams
and they say,
dreams are everything 
and it is true,
i dream all day at my work
and where once, i shone 
now i just hurt,
and i just want that hurt to be gone

seven hours a day
with a break at one 
dreams delude me with what they say 
i am only young
so why do i feel this way 

they say people are everything 
well, from experience
they sure are something 
most people, you could give the world 
and they would still give you nothing 
and you know that is true 
but a few people give you everything 
i say hang onto the few 

i dream for seven hours a day 
but i cannot dream the boredom away 
nor the sadness,
which seems to stay 
where once i was bright 
now i feel worse 
i just want the light to arrive 
and to turn away the hurt 

James Garratt - Wednesday 19th May 1999

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