Cedar Trees – Written Wednesday 19th May 1999 (Aged 24)

Cedar Trees

i read some books about the angels
i read about the watchers
and i thought about me
i thought about humankind as a race
i reckon it is the beginning of our family tree
but i know links are missing
and so much history is lost or destroyed
so much myth employed
i read about the nephilim
and about the pale angels
who walked this earth
in a time so long ago, no one saw them arrive
and i do not believe they have gone
i still believe they are young
i thought about all of these people
as tall as cedar trees, as mythical as dragons
i thought about me
we will only ever know a fragment
we could never believe our true history
time has left our history crooked and bent

james Garratt – Wednesday 19th May 1999

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