This Stormy Day – Written Thursday 31st July 2008 (Aged 33)

This Stormy Day

thought about you this morning
and just to quell my insecurities
i embraced your affection
and cursed my crazy direction
i turn over to face the windows
and the 6:30 alarm call
a night of seizures and fits
when i felt i was in freefall
i moved slowly and with some thought
and how at this moment
the closeness of you was sought
i embraced your phone call last night
when it had felt to good and right
i cannot comprehend this stormy day
as thunder rolls across the sky
i wish to push these clouds away
humidity sticks to my thoughts
and the daily routine soldiers on
we need a reluctant hero –
to save us from all this tedium
thought about you this morning

James Garratt – Thursday 31st July 2008

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