Self Awareness Departing – Written Monday 11th August 2008 (Aged 33)

Self Awareness Departing

self awareness departed some time ago
after a period 
where rationale and sense 
and even self awareness
rubbed along just fine
eventually life became careless
and the three could not combine
after a period –
in which various graves were dug 
self awareness died from unknown causes
where upon,
it was placed 
in one of the graves 
freshly dug,
it went some distance down 
and no one even herd the deafening thud 
arrogance marched in,
that it alone could control self doubt 
who itself,
had murdered -
rationale and sense
although it claimed it had an alibi 
its alibi was always shaky 
in fact, on examination, it looked broken and bent
self awareness departed some time ago 

James Garratt – Monday 11th August 2008 

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