Super Phasing – Written January 1996 (Aged 20)

Super Phasing

you are not so amazing
super phasing,
redemption –
it is up for contention
in the glazed world of puppeteers
i will inject a little intervention
just to help,
the adrenaline from your fears

you are not so educating
super modest hating
in the vile world of twisted snakes
i am trying to crash land a plane
but i cannot find the brakes
wicked in the mid afternoon
daytime t.v and a cup of tea
i wait for the end to come soon
this slipping away,
will be the very death of me

you are not so terrifying
super lying,
in a world of abstract glamour
where you have to have confidence
and forgo your nervous stammer
and when,
your brain is full of nonsense
not pretence
you are just trying to make sense of it all

James Garratt – January 1996

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