Most of All I Miss You – Written January 1996 (Aged 20)

Most Of All I Miss You

i am still thinking about you,
even after all this time
it still seems fine,
you are part of my life
personal memories –
are always the most precious
but sometimes –
living them again,
it is all pain
and i still wish for us
it is still there, what i felt
it still hurts, it really does
but i will keep on talking to you
like talking is never enough
i still want you,
like i have always wanted you
i am still thinking about how you look
you are,
the most beautiful illustrations
from the most imaginative book
to hold you again as a human being
was liking holding onto –
my own time travel machine
it was strange to find that i still want you
they were the best and worst of times
i wish i had you, i wish i did, i do
i miss everything but most of all –
i miss you

James Garratt – January 1996

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