Watching and Waiting – Written Friday 2nd February 1996 (Aged 20)

Watching and Waiting

our ears listen to something approaching
but what is it –
that is coming over the hill
it could be our future
in some battered and twisted carriage
and with every turn of the wheels
a shudder is sent down our backs
and a bleak outlook crosses our graves
our minds accept something that is inevitable
we patiently –
wait for it to come over the hill and address us
and the four horseman may ride towards us
or they may just ride past
it could be that our future is permanent ink
in which legend is cast and foretold
but as we get older
the earth’s age moves into a moral winter
strange, how inwardly the world becomes colder
yet outwardly, it appears warmer
our eyes are watching for the arrival of a new age
subconsciously we know,
but equally we choose to turn away

James Garratt – Friday 2nd February 1996

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