Girlfriend – Written Wednesday 24th January 1996 (Aged 20)


girlfriend is confused
she does not sleep at night
her face is concerned
and her frame is slight
girlfriend has childish belief in her eyes
she struggles internally with life
girlfriend is like me and you
small, tall, it is all the same
nights can be long and hard
and an emporium for the brain
but girlfriend sings to you and me
and my, she sings so beautifully
girlfriend sings about how she feels
and her view is wonderfully abstract
at times it is so surreal
sometimes when she goes out at night
i sometimes wonder how she makes it back
girlfriend, it is not going to end
girlfriend, she plays softly in the dark
gently swinging on the swings in the park
catching the reflection of all her wrongs –
in the pools of her eyes
girlfriend must be like me and you
because i watch and girlfriend still cries

James Garratt – Wednesday January 24th 1996

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