Teenage Hype – Written Approx. Late 1993 or January 1994 (Aged 18)

Teenage Hype

i am just me, that is all i am
you are only yourself
that is all that we are
i am not into teenage hype
i am getting out of my teens,
barely alive
a seven year long fight
thirteen to nineteen, no dream
so unfair,
thirteen to nineteen living a nightmare
and i feel so hollow and shallow
teenage life is a nasty monster
that eats you and likes to swallow –
till there is nothing left
i have never felt so much pain
i have smoked, drunk, had sex
broken down, laughed out loud –
and wondered why
i had have girlfriends, lost them –
and got upset
i am just me and i am sorry –
but what did it all mean in the end?
i feel like some emotional car wreck
left on the side of life’s road
nothing to do and nowhere to go
and yes, i even feel old
i am just me now,
a product of my teenage years
where i started out innocent
and ended up shacking up with my fears
busy trying to repent
for some, i am sure it was great
but for others, it was something to hate
i have been so poor
and there has got to be something more
hasn’t there?

James Garratt – 1993/1994

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