In Dreams – Written Thursday 24th June 2021 (Aged 46)

In Dreams

in dreams
i find myself in dream versions
of places i have lived
and dream versions
of people i now
or have been known
and they talk to me
as if there is something different
between us

in dreams
my anxiety is a waterfall
cascading at full pelt
and scenes intermingle
as other bits begin to melt
there i am
my well being
explained only in picture form
a tantalising glimpse
of far off shorelines
shady days
overhung by swaying pines

in dreams
i find myself snatched and caught
my deficits
take lessons and i am easily taught
i am there
amongst a scattergun
of things i have experienced
it teaches me of my make up
and the ever present need to be vigilant

James Garratt – Thursday 24th June 2021

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