Leaving – Written February 1995 (Aged 19)


i do not know what words i used
i keep on going over things in my head
i am so upset, so confused
i wish i knew what i had said
they all say,
what did you say to her?
i remember i held your hand –
and i asked if you were happy
you smiled at me, and you said you were
why did you lie to me?
do you not realise i did and i still do care
i keep on thinking about that day
i know, somehow, you would not call
with a bad thought in my mind –
i watched you walk away on that day
i knew the weekend had not gone well
you friends did not like me
they thought i had a past to tell
they thought i was no good for you
but i felt the same about them
‘giggly little school girls’, it s true
and i said it thought it was wrong
when they kept on putting you down
i guess i know now, that was wrong
i think that is when –
you stopped wanting me to be around
and to think, you asked me to ask you out
now you are wrapped up in yourself
and you have not got –
the decency to tell me what it is all about
in us, i thought i could start believing
words cannot express the anger i feel
you cannot treat people like you do
it makes you look selfish and stupid
and yet, i cannot bring myself –
to believe that about you,
i know that is not you

James Garratt – February 1995

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