The Things That You Do – Written Approx. Late 1993 or January 1994 (Aged 18)

The Things That You Do

you can do what you want
you can say whatever you want
whatever you can
even if, no one else understands
you can be yourself
or even somebody else
you can –
sit down and think you are lonely
and that, there is only myself
but you could be lonelier then you ever are
you know is only ever up to you
you can be who you want
someone with nothing to do
a caged freak like all of us
as we try to suss out this human zoo
i am here for you
we have got to keep the loneliness at bay
but with you, it is good
we could tunnel so far
you and me both know what is like
to be lonelier than you ever are
bruised, kicked and down
but i am not going to fight
you can do what you want
as long as it is good for you
it is up to you, the things that you do

James Garratt – 1993/1994

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