Thinking Alone – Written February 1995 (Aged 19)

Thinking Alone

thinking alone
no one tells you about the sky
and when it is time to die

no one says if you really matter
and if it is worth making your point of view
there is a blank eyed look
and an idea that it is always up to you
is it worth writing a book
to get across your point
or could you use words
to highlight a world seemingly so absurd
thinking alone

i want to talk to you
but i will have to get myself a phone
and make some communication
just to clear the illusion
of all of our confused situations

it is all so confusing
and i am hanging on to hanger ons
i ask, who the hell am i using?
no one tells you how to make it work
just a man on the street who is an old soak
his life is madness and it still does not work
how do you know when it is broke
especially when seem to hurt

James Garratt – February 1995

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