Another False Dream in Bits – Written Monday 12th July 2021 (Aged 46)

Another False Dream in Bits

they flew planes
over the stadium
people wore chainmail
wrapped themselves up
in the flag
but in the june rain
everything looked drab
we live for a past that never existed
we are always harking back
we have turned bloody awful war
into bloody well done
and those who claim to have won it
are actually far too young
the truth of history is forgotten
and history becomes homespun
when the final ball
had finally been kicked
as the rain continued to fall
the crowd knew we had been licked
the wide-eyed belief
never really fits
like the final played attack
it never really clicks
the nation trudged home in the rain
and it was another false dream in bits

James Garratt – Monday 12th July 2021

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