Happiness (Is You) – Written Sunday 19th February 1995 (Aged 19)

Happiness (Is You)

happiness, is being stuck here with you
eating what we want
happiness is not being blue
happiness is someone never saying don’t
happiness is you
as i lie back in my mind
and travel to places
that are becoming easier to find
and for once, seeing faces
that look at least, half kind
i know happiness is being sane
and when I am out of my mind
happiness is you calling at half past five
happiness not being in the next place
it is here, where I am still alive
happiness is when I hold you close
when we are out together
happiness is a warm sunny day
after terrible winter weather
happiness is when your troubles go away
i wish happiness could be here always forever
but at least it is here today
happiness seeing it through
i know what happiness is, happiness is always you

James Garratt – Sunday 19th February 1995

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