Factory Humans – Written February 1995 (Aged 19)

Factory Humans

just another product of the factory
give the workers a chance to breathe
it is looking unsatisfactory
and i know i am a factory human
as we all are,
from wax moulds we never melt
i dream of another life
as i travel down the conveyer belt
i came to this life
without good friends or a wife
i will leave this life
older and maybe wiser
but probably not having won the fight
the screws are pushed in tighter
i have got to be built well
i do not want to be a factory reject
one that easily falls apart
but i know i am not the best
and that i am quite fragile
after all, just look at my heart
and as i sit here and think for a while
i know we have got factory line blues
but we makes ourselves
when we are when we get outside
it passes the time –
and we know, with luck we will survive

James Garratt – February 1995

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