Ghostly – Written February 1995 (Aged 19)


she said, you will always be…
i said, what does that mean to me
as my waiting thoughts moved slowly
her memory tipped over the edge
and became so ghostly
just another day gone from here
and i will tell you how i made it go
she will always be on air
and i will probably never know
because i do not intend on being there
rain makes all the tears wash away
they run with a splash down the gutter
if only they could be quicker
i would be so much happier
watching as it is all set free
and as i relax in the thoughts i have
her memory becomes ghostly
and i become a little less naïve
she will always be remembering me
because she never finished it properly
she left the ends untied
so i wrote some words
that had just got to write
that’s where her memory turned ghostly
that is where the future begun –
and the past finally died

James Garratt – February 1995

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