Built Up Thoughts – Written Wednesday 22nd February 1995 (Aged 19)

Built Up Thoughts

i always wanted to believe
but i fell into all this
and i was far too naïve
wonder, if i should leave
because i felt for reality
but i got stolen away
to the darker depths
of a washed up today
which is something less
than i believed yesterday

it feels such a mess
when i look at it all
i always wanted to be here
but not quite sure how
i never knew what to do
when i was given something to do
and i was not sure how to react
when i felt cruel

whether i am going to believe
depends on so many things
take me out and take me home
watch the mind as it cleans –
the canals of the brain
i am all washed up and lacking respect
i sold out to the strange
it is okay but not the best
i sit steadily, i do not want to leave
i have just got to remember
i always wanted to believe

James Garratt – Wednesday 22nd February 1995

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