Hypocrite – Written March 1995 (Aged 20)


something funny happened today
a girl,
with clothes far too tight
so tight they sucked back her blood
and made her look ghostly white
she said i was an attention seeker
and she said it to my face
with her clothes so figure hugging
they made sure –
they left all the curves in the right place
everyone knows she dresses to be noticed
she, after all, needs the attention

then someone,
who cried at anything
who refuses to face their problems
and for attention,
creates problems out of thin air
when really they are not there
they say i am unstable
and then, someone with an attitude
gives me the wrong label
their opinions are probably not that wrong
and most likely probably right
but they really should take a look
a closer look at themselves just a bit
and perhaps one word come outs,

we all judge others
before we judge ourselves
the trick is to amend the judgement
so that you get things right
otherwise there is only one thing you can be
only one word that fits,

James Garratt – March 1995

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