Fruit Turns Bad – Written Friday 29th May 2009 (Aged 34)

Fruit Turns Bad

marriage starts out as one thing
then becomes another
we used to be best friends
we used to be passionate lovers
two people left to question
why they ever got married
with coldness and harsh words
is it that need to be paired
people say,
i am a good wife
people say,
i am a good husband
wife or husband,
is it just an expected role?
one with a confusing description
one that our past certainly stole
do they need you,
to just be what they expect
it is about playing a part
let’s forget about romantic shorelines
and the waves in your heart
the bedroom seems cold and empty
and the action does not start
this is not the marriage i once had
so people cry,
as the fruit appears to turn bad

James Garratt – Friday 29th May 2009

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