Failure is Relative – Written Wednesday 14th October 2009 (Aged 34)

Failure is Relative

failure is relative, failure is carrying on
carrying on when hope,
is at best speculative and the love is gone
failure is waking up every day
and wonder,
what happened to the person you married
it does not feel like the person lying next to you
shut out of love for years,
both feeling the other is to blame
failure is carrying on in such isolation
and in such pain
no one can tell what the future holds
who knows if a couple will do well
or if they will both catch a permanent cold
failure is relative, many just cling to rocks
once the ship has gone,
pieces of shipwreck can only float by
failure is relative, hopelessly they cling on

James Garratt – Wednesday 14th October 2009

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