Can You Guess? – Written Thursday 17th January 2013 (Aged 37)

Can You Guess?

there is a condition, a syndrome
that as yet,
seems so taboo
we do not talk about it
and we do not acknowledge it
its influence –
is both positive and negative
and it affects nearly every child
it is dangerous
if responsibility is not taken
it comes as a carrier
carrying remnants of the past
its effect can be short term
but often it is set to last
and this condition –
it has fallen out of favour
and this syndrome is not fashionable
the reasons for that,
are varied and many
but its impact vast
and strangely –
we no longer acknowledge it
so do you want to know its name
do you want to know what it is called
this condition, this syndrome
this diseases, this illness, this need
the one that affects children the most

James Garratt – Thursday 17th January 2013

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