Lift – Written Friday 18th January 2013 (Aged 37)


mum’s death lifted a little yesterday
it was hardly spiritual –
considering i was negotiating –
one of those slip roads on the A127
and i am not sure about ghosts –
or if mum’s ghost was there at that moment
but the clouds lifted
and i could feel the grip loosen
it was the moment or a moment –
where i accepted the unbroken love
not in a melodramatic way
but like the sigh when she passed
and i came to the conclusion
that the love will always last
i cannot change that
i miss her with an incredible ferocity
but yesterday i accepted that –
a year on, after slugging it out
i let part of me succumb
it is still painful and i still chat sometimes
especially when i am driving home –
and i need to tell her about the days –
or things she will never see –
or things she will never experience
and i need to tell myself to remind myself –
that it is okay to cry
even if the tears, like the bond,
like the love, like the connection –
feel never ending

James Garratt – Friday 18th January 2013

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