Hand in Glove – Written January 2013 (Aged 37)

Hand in Glove

the woman talked of her weight loss
pounds and the cost
she produced a picture of her, ‘former self’
this was before –
she met husband to be
and was on an imaginary shelf
she had found another person –
to tell her of her weight loss tales
and she proceeded –
to list all of the health conditions
which had caused the weight to, ‘pile on’
and then,
a voice piped up,
‘but you lost your weight…
when you met your boyfriend’
and then there was an awkward silence
that in itself was heavy but only with expectation
‘yes’, she said,
and whilst i did not doubt her health conditions
it was perhaps closer to the truth
to to say she had lost the weight for him
current boyfriend and husband to be
and i cannot say if this was right or wrong
but they are getting married
and they appear to be getting along
but what did he change for her?
was he perfect?
maybe she could have suggested plastic surgery
as a matter of urgency
you know, just to be honest
she talked of the need to be loved
and that of course is very human
like hand in glove

James Garratt – January 2013

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